Representations abroad

The representative of joint-stock company «O’zbekiston temir yo’llari» at the Organization of cooperation of the railways (OSJD):

Co-ordinates activity of the company within the bounds of activity OSJD.

OSJD is the international organization created at meeting of Ministers of railway transportation on June, 28th, 1956 in Sofia (Republic Bulgaria).

Chief goals of OSJD are development of the international cargo and passenger transportations, creation of uniform railway transport space in the Euroasian region, increase of competitiveness of transcontinental railway directions, and also assistance to technical progress and scientific and technical cooperation in the field of railway transportation.

The head: Kayumhodjayev Shuxrat Abdubositovich

The address: 63/67, street Hozha, Warsaw, Poland,

Ph. +4822 657-36-28


Joint-stock company representation « O’zbekiston temir yo’llari» at Council about a railway transportation of the states-participants of Commonwealth (CSJT):

Co-ordinates activity of the company within the bounds of activity CSJT.

On February, 14th, 1992 in Minsk, by heads of the Governments of the Commonwealth of Independent States had been signed «the Agreement on coordination bodies of railway transportation of the Commonwealth of Independent States» which, for coordination of work of railway transportation at interstate level and developments of the agreed principles of its activity, Council about railway transportation, consisting of heads of administrations and controls by rail, and a council executive office was founded.

For years of work of Council there were prepared more than 250 agreements, rules, instructions and other standard documents regulating joint activity on the organization and the international rules of transportations of cargoes and passengers, operation of a rolling stock and to the maintenance of means.

The head: Sadikov Ulugbek Zahirovich

The address: 2, street Novaya Basmannaya, Moscow, the Russian Federation,

Ph. +7 (499) 262 12 45