List of freight forwarding organizations

REGISTER of concluded contracts by freight forwarding organizations with "Uzbekistan Railways" JSC for the provision of freight forwarding services for 2020 freight year

Name of forwarder  Legal address  Supervisor Phone   Contract number and date   Contract time
АО «O’ztemiryo’lkonteyner» Tashkent city, 100060, st, Shevchenko, 7   Chairman of the Board Astanov U.S. Tel: (+99878)1483778, (71)2991501,            
fax: (78)1483779   
 №150-юр from 30.12.19y. till 31.12.2020y.
 СП ООО «Shoshtrans»      Tashkent city, 100022 , ул.Бобура, 77  CEO Gulyamov S.S. Tel:(99871)237-96-99, 2554562,
fax: (99871)255-45-67
 №151-юр from 30.12.19y. till  31.12.2020y.
«Mega – 4 Enterprises  LLP»    SUITE 1 LEVEL 14, THE BROADGATE TOWER, 20 PRIMROSE STREET,  LONDON EC2A 2EW, UNITED KINGDOM (Tashkent city, st, Tafakkur, 49)
Executive Director Appazov V.F. Tel: (+99895) 142-64-66  №152-юр from 30.12.19y. till  31.12.2020y.
УП «O’zbektemiryo’lekspeditsia» Tashkent city, 100060, st, Shevchenko, 7
 CEO Tulyaganov Sh.U. Tel: (+99871)238-88-11,          238-82-63,               fax: (+99871) 233-85-49
 №153-юр from30.12.19y. till  31.12.2020y.
«TRANSGROUP SYSTEMS L.P.»     44 Main street, Douglas, South Lanarkshire, ML11 0QW Scotland (Tashkent city, 100084, st. А.Temur 89a)
  Director Makhamataliev D.G. Tel: (+99871)231-24-24, (+99878) 140-08-33,   fax: (+99878)140-04-27 
 №155-юр from 30.12.19y. till  31.12.2020y.
 ООО «Surkhan Global Trade»  (ООО «SGT») Tashkent city,100000, st. Avenue Mustaqillik, 88 «А»      Deputy Director A. Yuldashev Tel: (+99878) 1220070
 №154-юр from 30.12.19y. till  31.12.2020y.