Preparation and professional development

Road training center, preparation and retrainings of personnel at TASHIIT

In the solution of personnel problems of JSC “Uzbekistan temir yullari” the significant contribution is made by the Road training center, preparation and retraining of personnel (DTsPK) created on the basis of faculty of professional development of TASHIIT according to the order No. 349 - N from 1.11.2004g and functioning since January 1, 2005.

Structurally DTsPK consists of two divisions: faculty of professional development of heads and experts of railway transport and office on preparation, retraining and professional development of shots of mass professions (the former Road technical school).

Practice of last years validated such reorganization as with formation of DTsPK opportunities considerably increased, first of all in improvement of quality of the carried-out work thanks to complex use rich scientific equipped laboratory and is material - technical base with participation of the qualified teaching structure of TASHIITA and branches of specialized chairs at JSC Uzbekiston temir yullari.

The Tashkent institute of engineers of railway transport is the oldest training center of experts and retrainings of personnel.

In 1930 at Management of the Tashkent railroad courses NKPS on training of engineers and technicians of narrow specialty and their retraining which since September 1, 1931 were transferred to structure of educated Central Asian institute of engineers of railway transport (in 1937 SAZIIT was renamed in TAShIIT) were organized.

In 1961-1968 at TASHIIT special self-supporting advanced training courses of technical officers and employees of the railroads of Ministry of Railways functioned. Since January 1, 1969 at institute the faculty of professional development and retraining of personnel (FPK) to which listeners from all railroads of the former Union went was open.

Since January 1, 1989 FPK passed to full cost accounting with ensuring target training of executives and experts of railway transport of the general and uncommon use.

In the conditions of independent development of Uzbekistan all activity of FPK of TASHIIT is directed on implementation of the National program for training in the Republic of Uzbekistan, on implementation of the Law RUz "About Education" and personnel program of JSC “Uzbekiston temir yullari”.

Besides in the center together with the Center vocational education of Ministry of higher education will be organized advanced training courses for teachers special professional colleges.

Acting chief of DTsPK:

Xakimov Alimjan Xamdamovich 299-04-60

Deputy. Chief of DTsPK:

Tuychiyev Zhamshid Hazhiakbarovich 299-03-33

Chief of educational and methodical department:

Akhmedova Lola Yuldashevna 299-05-75, 299-07-61.