Information for entrepreneurs on high-speed freight trains

"Uzbekistan railways" JSC continues to improve activities in the field of cargo transportation and implements a number of projects aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses, private entrepreneurship entities, creating comfortable conditions, as well as developing export potential. In particular, these days, within the framework of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Republic of Uzbekistan and the neighboring Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, freight traffic by rail is actively developing. 

"Uzbekistan railways" JSC created additional conveniences for domestic exporters, namely, it organized regular scheduled movement of a high-speed freight train to the Afghan station Hairaton. A part of the freight train is formed in the capital and along the route, the train is supplemented by freight cars formed in the regions. 

In simple terms, before, a shipped wagon from Tashkent to Afghanistan was delivered within 5-6 days. Now, entrepreneurs, having issued a preliminary application, can count on expedited delivery of goods to their destination, within two days from Tashkent to the station of Hairaton (Afghanistan). 

Meanwhile, the first high-speed freight train with 14 wagons in the train was sent to Afghanistan on 04/16/2020, and an additional 36 wagons, also with export cargo, were attached along the route. To date, 4 trains have already been transported, which together make up 218 wagons with export-oriented national economy goods. 

Note that this train runs three times a week, strictly on schedule. "Uzbekistan railways" JSC accepts all types of cargo for transportation and provides various types of freight cars, containers, tanks, etc. Payment is made in any convenient form of payment, but the transportation tariff remains unchanged. 

Recall that such projects are carried out on a regular basis and the introduction of a new type of service is primarily intended to serve as support for small and private business, creating favorable conditions for the activities of business entities, which will undoubtedly serve the further development of the economy of our country as a whole. 

All information regarding cargo transportation is available on the official website of "Uzbekistan railways" JSC. Also, with a question, you can contact the Telegram messenger chat at + 998-90-938-40-00.

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