The new composition of "Afrosiyob" was delivered to Tashkent

At the beginning of July this year, a new train manufactured by the Spanish company “Patentes Talgo S.L.U. ” was sent from the Spanish city of Bilbao to Tashkent.

First, having passed 4000 km by water on a ferry, the train was delivered to the Russian northern capital - St. Petersburg, from where, having passed the assembly procedure into a single whole, on July 20, it was sent by rail to Uzbekistan.

Having overcome another 4,200 km, through the territory of the Russian Federation and Kazakhstan, in the evening of July 24, the valuable cargo was finally delivered to Tashkent.

It should be noted that, this is the fifth high-speed train of this modification in Uzbekistan. Currently, Uzbekistan is in the list of 20 countries of the world with a developed high-speed railway infrastructure and has become the only country in Central Asia that has entered the "Global High-Speed Train Ranking".

The official presentation ceremony will take place later, taking into account all the norms and rules of restrictive quarantine measures. Follow the information from official sources.

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