International Multimodal route: On the results of the multilateral meeting in Tashkent

As we have already informed, on March 16-17 of this year in Tashkent there was a six-sided meeting of the Heads of Railway Administrations (Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey) on the development of the international multimodal route "Asia-Pacific countries - China - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan - Azerbaijan - Georgia - Turkey - Europe".

It should be noted that the current meeting was attended by the Turkish side for the first time.  It should be recalled that the first working meeting of the heads of railway administrations of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Georgia was held in 2019 at the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

It should be emphasized that at this meeting the parties noted the special strategic importance of further cooperation in the development of the international multimodal route. Coordinated measures and interaction of all its participants contributed to the revival and increase in the volume of freight traffic, acceleration of container trains and organization of combined freight traffic. And the application of special tariff rates and conditions for the transportation of goods has made it possible to increase the volume of trade between the countries, which meets the interests of all participants and helps to attract additional freight flows.

In order to increase the volume of traffic along the multimodal route, the parties agreed to make efforts to join the Chinese railroads. 

As a result of the event, the participants agreed to hold another meeting this summer in one of the countries participating in this multimodal route.

During the two-day meeting four-party talks were also held between the delegations of the railway administrations of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan on the possibility of transporting chemical cargo and mineral fertilizers in wagons through the territories of the participating countries with the provision of favorable tariffs in connection with the current situation and the need to expand the geography of export freight from Uzbekistan in the direction of the Black Sea ports to Europe.

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