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Board of Directors

For strengthening of a role and personal responsibility of members of the supervisory boards on increase of efficiency of activity of large joint stock companies with the state assets with the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 24, 2006 No. PP-424 "About the statement of structures of councils of separate large joint stock companies with the state assets" is approved the following structure of Board of the joint stock company "Uzbekiston temir yullari":

     Aripov A.N. Prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

deputy prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Gafarov S. H. First Deputy Chairman of the State committee of the republic of Uzbekistan for privatization, demonopolization and development of competition
Mirzayev M. M. Deputy Minister of Finance of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Usmanov A.A. deputy minister of justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Niyazkhodzhayev S.P. deputy minister of economy of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Yuldashev A.A. first deputy chairman of the State tax committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
Ikramov R. H. chief of SI "Uzgoszheldornadzor".

The main functions of Council are:

  • Implementation on a systematic (quarterly) basis of the subject analysis of dynamics of indicators of financial and economic activity of joint stock companies;
  • ensuring realization of necessary measures for improvement of a corporate management system, to increase of personal responsibility of executive bodies of the companies and the enterprises which are their part, meaning a basic assessment of results of activity of heads of the companies and enterprises for performance of parameters of the approved business plans, their compliances to posts;
  • When summing up work for financial year critically to consider efficiency of personal participation in it of each member of council.

To chairmen of Councils, if necessary, in accordance with the established procedure to make reasonable offers on replacement of members of the Councils which aren't showing a due initiative and adherence to principles.