Helpline (+998 71) 237-99-98

Call center of railway station 1005

03:27:48 (GMT +5), monday, 21 january 2019


By the Order of the Chairman of the Board of JSC «O’zbekiston temir yo’llari» nominated:

Appointed to the post:

Since November 26, 2018: 
Umarkulov Abdumannob Amanbaevich - Deputy Director of UE “O'zbekko'mir”;

Since November 19, 2018: 
Jumaev Fazliddin Jurakulovich – Acting Deputy Director the spiritual and educational work of the Samarkand professional college of railway transport;
Erkaev Shuxrat Tashniyazovich -  Acting Deputy Director for the administrative and economic part of the Samarkand professional college of railway transport;
Xayrullaev Xusen Nurilloevich – Deputy Head for the Uch-Quduq region of the Unitary Enterprise "Bukhara regional railway junction";
Rustamov Farxod Islomovich – Deputy Head for the Uch-Quduq region -  Acting Deputy Head for department of transportation and station operations of the Unitary Enterprise "Bukhara regional railway junction";

Since November 12, 2018: 
Kasimov Kosim Xusanovich – Acting Chief Engineer of the Information Center;

Since October 30, 2018: 
Achilov Alisher Normuminovich – Acting Head of the special mechanized road station;
Gulamov Abdulaziz Abdullaevich – the pro-rector of the Tashkent institute of engineers of railway transportation on educational work; 

Since October 26, 2018: 
Muratov Aziz Akbarovich – Acting Head of UE “Eyvalekmaxsustemirbeton”; 

Since October 19, 2018: 
Tashxodjaev Umid Mo'minxodjaevich – Acting Deputy Head of the center “O'ztemiryo'lxisob”; 

Since October 10, 2018: 
Ismoilov Komil Safarovich - consultant of the chief sanitary doctor at the central sanitary-epidemiological station;

Since October 8, 2018: 
Temirov Djamshid Ablakulovich - Acting head of the Navoi signaling and communications distance line UE "Regional railway junction of Bukhara"
Rakhmatullaev Tohirjon Shukhratullaevich – Acting First deputy head of the main train dispatcher of the single dispatcher center;
Since October 5, 2018:
Qodirov Maksim Kuchkaralievich - Acting Deputy chairman of the consultative management group under the JSC "O’zbekistan Temir Yo’llari";
Kushanov Shukhrat Abdusaidovich – Deputy Head of the department of using locomotives – Acting head of the department of the motor - wagon railway vehicle and locomotives repair;
Soriev Akmal Eshmuminovich - Acting Deputy head for repairing of the department of using locomotives;

Since October 3, 2018:
Ortiqboev Muslim Abdukomil og’li - Deputy Head of road department for innovation and technical development;

Since September 21, 2018
Yusupov Shayjamol Kamiljanovich - Deputy Head of the station "Khavast" of the UE "Tashkent regional railway junction" - acting Head of the station Khavast;
Rusakov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich – Acting Deputy Chief of the Department of Statistics and Accounting - Chief Auditor;
Umarxodjaev Javlonbek Oybekovich – Deputy Head of Capital Construction Directorate - Technical Director for the project "Construction of Tashkent-East Airport";
Bozorov Alisher Shamilovich - Deputy Head of the UE "Regional railway junction of Bukhara" – Head of transport and station operations department;
Musaxodjaev Odilxodja Nasirovich - Head of the station "Oxangaron" of the UE "Tashkent regional railway junction”;
Boboyorov Axmad Jamolovich - Head of the railway distance “Uchkuduk” UE "Regional railway junction of Bukhara";
Ollaberganov Ollabergan Xaitbaevich -  Acting Deputy of the UE "Agro-industry railway complex Sardoba";
Danabaev Faxriddin Uralovich –  Head of the Directorate for Exploitation and Development of Sardoba Reservoir Facilities;
Eshmuradov Baxodir Kenjaevich -  Director of UE "Plant for repair of excavators and caterpillar equipment";

Since July 16, 2018:
Karshiev Oleg Keldiyorovich - First Deputy Head of the Department of Technical and Technological Control;

Since January 22, 2018:
Mukhamedov Rustam Minikhamedovich - acting head department of the Transportation Organization;
Abdiev Azizbek Uktamovich - Deputy Head of the Directorate for Capital Construction;