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Job opportunities

The order of employment of citizens of republic and foreign citizens in joint-stock company «Uzbekistan temir yullari» is regulated by the Labour code of Republic Uzbekistan.

Labour relations are regulated by individual labour contracts which should correspond to the requirements established by the legislation.

The set of experts in all enterprises of a society is spent under the confirmed list of staff according to carried out amounts of works.

Employment is carried out by the first director possessing right of the proprietor of property of the enterprise.

After representation of demanded documents at employment (item 80 of the Labour code of Republic Uzbekistan), and also resume containing all personal data of the worker and data on its seniority, the previous places of work and their studying, the candidate should pass interview. In case of successful passage of interview, the labour contract consists.

The labour contract can be concluded with the preliminary test which term cannot exceed three months. Before the expiry of the term of preliminary test each of the parties has the right to stop the labour contract without instructions of the reasons.

All workers of the enterprises of joint-stock companies entering into structure «Uzbekistan temir yullari» have the rights and privileges provided by the Branch agreement and local certificates.