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Regional railway junction

The resolution of the Cabinet of the Republic of Uzbekistan of 03.08.2004 N 366 "About further improvement of the organization of management of the State and Corporation "O'zbekiston temir yo'llari" approved organizational structure of regional railway junctions, and also standard structure of management of a regional railway junction.

Post of the head Surname Name, Middle name ontact information Days and reception hours


Chief of the Tashkent regional railway junction Farmonov Ixtiyor Asrorovich

100015, Tashkent, Turkiston St., 7, (371) 299-96-20,;
Monday-Thursday from 15-00 till 17-00
Chief of the Kokand regional railway junction

Millajanov Baxtiyor Parpievich

150708, Fergana Region, Kokand, Shokhrukhobod St., 11, (373) 543-12-34;  Monday from 15-00 till 18-00
Chief of the Bukhara regional railway junction Ergashev Alijon Yusupovich
200700, Bukhara Region, Mr. Kagan, Zebuniso St. of 2, (365) 524-68-18,;  Tuesday-Friday from 10-00 till 12-00
Chief of the Kungrad regional railway junction Kudaynazarov Berdakh Lepesbayevich 230600, Republic of Karakalpakstan, Mr. Kungrad, st. Uzbekistan of 76, (361) 312-29-43;   Tuesday from 16-00 on 18-00 Saturday from 11-00 till 13-00
Chief of the Karshi regional railway junction Norqabilov Sirojiddin Anvarovich
180106, Kashkadarya Region, Karshi, st. Uzbekistan, 8, (375) 227-10-26;
Tuesday from 15-00 
Chief of the Termez regional railway junction Akhmedov Odil Hakimnazarovich 732902, Surkhandarya Region, Termez, Ibn Sino St., 70, (376) 222-23-61;  Friday from 15-00 till 17-00