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Militarized security

Militarized security

The paramilitary protection consists of the units for the protection of goods transported by rail, the protection of facilities, ensuring the safety of trains on a high-speed railway section, ensuring the safety of railway stations, and fire protection units.  

At present, under the management of the militarized security of JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yollari", 9 units of militarized guards are created and are functioning:
The Tashkent detachment consists of 6 teams;
The Kokand detachment consists of 3 teams;
Bukhara detachment - there are 5 teams;
The Kungrad detachment consists of 4 teams;
Karshi detachment - there are 2 teams;
Uzbekistan Stationary Detachment - there are 7 teams in the composition;
Tashkent stationary detachment - there are 5 teams in the composition;
Kamchik detachment - there are 3 teams in the composition;
Termez detachment - there are 2 teams in the composition.
Service to provide the Tashkent-Passenger railway station and video surveillance on the Tashkent-Samarkand section.

From the history of paramilitary guards.

     With the advent of rail transport, its development and establishment, the increasing role in the economy of the state, as the main carrier of commodity and material values, there was a need for the protection of transported goods both in the parks stations and along the route. The reason for this was the fact that at stations, haulers and even on the route more and more often thefts from the railway trains were made.
     Initially, the protection of transported goods and objects of railway transport, freight trains in station parks in the newly created state-the RSFSR, was entrusted to the troops of the Cheka and other organizations and services.
    December 9, 1921 VTsIK (All-Russian Central Executive Committee) and the SRT (Labor and Defense Council) issued a decree on the establishment of armed protection in the NKPS. The guards received the name - "The Guard of the NKPS". This day is considered the Day of the founding of the militarized guard of the railways.
      In April 1927, the first Tashkent detachment of paramilitary guards with a strength of 336 men was created. This detachment carried out the guarding of objects and cargo on the railway section from the Tashkent station to the Kinel station.
       For years, the Tashkent detachment has outgrown itself and an association has been created on its base. The unit already included 4 detachments: Kokand - NOR-2, Bukhara - NOR-3 and Kungrad - NOR-4.
     In 2002, the Combat of Militarized Protection was given the status of the Directorate of the Militarized Protection of the O'zbekiston temir yo'llari. The construction and commissioning of a new section of the Tashguzar-Boysun-Kumkurgan railway is 220 km in length. led to the creation of a new detachment of militarized guards. In March 2008, the Karshi detachment of paramilitary guards was established, and firearms and fire brigades of the Karshi station, the village of Termez, as well as two new infantry and fire brigades were sent to Darband station.
      In 2010, on October 1, a new Tashkent stationary detachment of militarized guards was established. This is due to the decision to build and launch in 2011 a high-speed train section on the Tashkent-Samarkand railroad section to ensure traffic safety and infrastructure protection.
      Since September 1, 2011 a new high-speed train has started to run. The speed of the passenger train on this section is not less than 160 km. per hour, and on separate sections of the railway the speed of the train will reach - 250 km.
      To ensure the safety of train traffic this site is fenced on both sides, new teams and security posts have been created. The organizational structure of protection has also changed. In November 2012, a new Uzbek detachment of militarized security was created.
       At present, 9 units of militarized guards are created and are functioning under the Administration of the militarized security of JSC "O'zbekiston temir yo'llari".
     In accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of March 1, 2012, No. 60 "On Approving the Model Provision of Departmental Militarized Protection", by the order of the Chairman of the Board of JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yollari" dated October 23, 2015, No. 434-N, militarized security of JSC "O'zbekiston temir yo'llari".

The regulations define the following tasks of the militarized guard management:

protection of railway transport facilities and protection of objects of other departments on a contractual basis;
Providing access and inside object mode on protected objects;
organization of protection of high-speed, high-speed railway sections and ensuring the safety of the railway infrastructure;
ensuring the safety of guarded railway stations and stations, identifying and preventing the passage of passengers and other persons with dangerous substances and objects prohibited for carriage by passenger trains by inspecting hand luggage and luggage of passengers and other persons on X-ray television inspection systems (introscope);
the organization of video surveillance of railway stations, stations, stations and other protected objects;
prevention and suppression of crimes and administrative offenses in railway transport and other protected objects;
participation in the prevention and liquidation of the consequences of man-caused and natural emergencies in railway transport and protected facilities;
carrying out fire prevention activities and supervising the implementation of established fire safety requirements, the elimination of fires at enterprises, institutions and organizations of JSC "O'zbekistan temir yo'llari", as well as on railway rolling stock;
protection and support of cashiers with cash from banking institutions to enterprises and organizations on a contractual basis;
ensuring effective interaction with structural units of the railway transport, law enforcement and other state bodies, representatives of the public on issues of organization of reliable protection of property objects from sabotage and terrorist acts, arson, embezzlement and other criminal encroachments;
introduction and use of advanced engineering and technical means and methods of protection;
maintenance and maintenance of a high level of service-combat, moral-psychological and physical training of paramilitary guards.
      The Directorate of militarized security of JSC "O'zbekistan temir yo'llari" also carries out other tasks in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
       The service activities of paramilitary security units are carried out by organizing a guard service. The guard service is organized for reliable protection of railway facilities, cargo and property, material values, prevention of illegal passage of unauthorized persons in freight trains and their walking along railway tracks in unidentified places and ensuring fire safety.

       For the immediate protection of objects, as well as cargo at stations and on the way of trains from the guard, the following are exhibited:
- for the protection of objects: the shooter for the protection of the object; - for guarding and escorting goods: a traveling shooter, a receiving-delivery agent, an archer to escort a cashier and a timekeeper, and others;
- to ensure the safety of trains on a high-speed section: the shooter of the bypass-sentinel service, the instructor of the mobile group;
- to ensure the safety of railways; stations: the inspector of the introscope, the checkpoint on duty, the shooter of the mobile group, the shooter for guarding the neck of the station, the cameraman;

       To enhance the protection of objects and cargo, if the operational situation becomes more complicated, additional outfits may be issued by the decision of the division head: patrol, ambush, screen, etc.
     Ensuring the safety of trains on a high-speed railway section is carried out by units on the following sections:
- Tashkent-Samarkand (Marakand): Uzbekistan's stationary detachment;
- Samarkand (Marakand) - Karshi: Karshi detachment;
- Marakand - Bukhara: Bukhara detachment of militarized guards.

Manual of the Directorate of Militarized Protection

  Head of Department
Saidov Rahimjon Muratovich             
tel: 236-49-20 
Days of reception of citizens
  First Deputy Head of the Department
Sadikov Surat Mahamatsidikovich
Days of reception of citizens
Wednesday 15.00-16.00
Deputy Head of Department - Chief Inspector of Fire Safety
Sultanov Shaviddin Karimovich
tel: 236-49-20
Days of reception of citizens
  Deputy Head of Department 
Tuhtahodjaev Rovshan Abdurashidovich      
tel: 236-49-20
Days of reception of citizens


cargoes to be guarded and escorted by the militarized guards of JSC "O'zbekistan temir yo'llar" 


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