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SE "Foundry and Mechanical Plant"

SE "Foundry and Mechanical Plant"

DP "Foundry-mechanical plant" invites to mutually beneficial cooperation on:
- The construction of new covered wagons, gondolas and wagon - hoppers;
- Modernization, current, depot and capital repair of freight vehicles with extension of the service life of wagons by 5-16 years;
- Manufacture of parts and spare parts for rolling stock and track structure;
- Manufacturing of load-lifting mechanisms: a crane of a beam, telphers and other kinds of industrial, non-standard equipment, metal structures of any complexity;
- Casting of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals;
- Laboratory study of the structure, chemical composition and hardness of metals, alloys;
- Production of inorganic chemistry products: - process gas oxygen;
- Production of construction and installation works.
       The products which produced by the plant are provided with quality passports and certificates of conformity drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 001/2011 "On the safety of railway rolling stock" (approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of July 15, 2011 No. 710) and ISO 9001: 2008.
             The most valuable for our plant is OUR PARTNERS.

                                                                         PRIMARY    ACTIVITY

Асамов Бахтибек Тургунович
Wagon building
Localized products 
Wagon building complex
CNC turning and milling machines
Blanking machines
Casting complex
Laboratory equipment


        On the basis of the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Uzbek SSR No. 392 of August 28, 1973, in 1979 a plant for water intake fittings and non-standard hydraulic equipment was established. Due to the reduction in the volume of production of orders for the enterprises of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, with the aim of more efficient use of foreign investments under the project "Modernization of the park of diesel locomotives", the plant was handed over to the Uzbekiston Temir Yollari (Uzbekistan Railways). By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan for No. 464 of October 24, 2003, it was decided to transform the enterprise into a DP "Foundry-mechanical plant "Uztemiryulmashtamir" "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari".
        On the basis of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 780 of June 28, 2012 "On measures for the implementation of the investment project" Development of the rolling stock repair base, the organization of car building and reconstruction of foundry production at the Casting and Mechanical Plant "UZ" Uztemiryulmashtamir " "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari".
     The purpose of this project is to increase the economic efficiency, competitiveness, security of cargo transportation and the possibility of further expanding the scope of work of Uzbekistan Railways by developing the repair base of rolling stock, organizing freight car building and reconstruction of foundry production, reducing the import of components and creating new jobs at the UZ “Foundry-mechanical plant”.
        The feasibility study of the project provides:
• manufacture of 1200 freight rail cars in year;
• Overhaul of freight railroad cars with the extension of the service life by 11 and 16 years and the modernization of wagons (manufacture of open-top wagons based on the platform) -1500 pcs. in year;
• production of large-capacity containers with a carrying capacity of 20 tons. and 40 tons. - 950 pcs. in year;
• foundry production with the output of steel casting - 15.2 thousand tons per year, cast iron - 10.8 thousand tons per year, non-ferrous casting - 0.5 thousand tons per year;
• Expansion of production of spare parts and metal structures for the needs of the railway.
      The production of new wagons, large-capacity containers, the repair of wagons will fully provide the republican settlement requirements. Some of the products are expected to be exported to neighboring countries: Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Iran. Company "Uzbekistan Temir Yullari" on the results of tender bidding signed a contract dated May 21, 2011 No. FRP-01 with AS "Skinest Rail" (Estonia) for the supply of equipment, works and services worth $ 54.3 million. For the construction and repair of freight cars, as well as for the construction of containers, non-standard equipment for a total of $ 2.0 million was manufactured. A workshop was created and equipped with the necessary equipment in order to repair wheel sets and brake parts of freight cars. Work on the installation of bead-blasting equipment for the hull of the freight cars and painting area.
       At present, the full official name: Subsidiary Enterprise "Foundry-Mechanical Plant" "Uztemiryulmashtamir" JSC "Uzbekiston Temir Yullari".

Start of activity 

      The plant started its activity with the production of spare parts for the repair of wagons and upper structures of the track.
Since 2004, the plant has mastered the production of overhaul, depot and current repair of open wagons and mineral wagons.
In 2005, the plant mastered and renovated and modernized cement tankers, hopper-cement carriers, open-top wagons with the extension of the service life by 5 years.
       Since 2006, the plant has overhauled the dump truck, platforms for the transportation of large-capacity containers with the extension of the service life for 5 years, and also mastered the program for the issue of the capital repair of the platforms with the extension of the service life for 5 years, since 2006 the repair with the extension of the service of covered wagons for 5 years. During this period, the plant also expanded its range of spare parts for cars and track tops.
     For the construction of railways, the production of terminal and embedded bolts, flat washers, track crutches, restoration of bolster beams, side frames and trolleys was mastered.
       Since 2007, the plant has overhauled the covered wagons with the repair of the wagons with the extension of the service life for 5 years, and also mastered the program of the capital repair of platforms with modernization for the transportation of cement, in a covered wagon and gondola car and with the modernization of a hopper dispenser in a hopper-cement carrier.
       At the end of 2007, the construction of covered freight cars and freight gondola cars was mastered and put into production. In 2013, covered wagons and gondola cars were produced in 387 units.
       Along with the production of products, the plant has mastered the production of non-standard equipment, conductors and devices for the manufacture of new wagons, as well as test benches for the testing of spare parts.
      In 2012, new models for the construction of freight cars are mastered: a covered car model 11-9923 with an increased body volume of 158  and a gondola model 12-9922 with an increased body volume of 92 , which makes it possible to increase freight traffic. The developed design technological documentation for these cars has successfully passed the examination and received the relevant certificates.
       In 2016 - 2017 years certificates of conformity were issued by the certification body in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union of the TP TC 001/2011 "On the safety of railway rolling stock" (approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union of July 15, 2011 № 710):
• Frames of side carriages of freight wagons
• Supports rail bogies of freight wagons
• Two-axle bogies for freight wagons model 18-9597 type 2
• Gondola cars universal with unloading hatches body volume 92 model 12-9922
• Covered wagons with broadened doorways with a body volume of 158 model 11-9923
• Hoppers for cement transportation model 19-9596
• Clamps for traction couplers
• Wheelset RU1SH-957-G. 


1. The main products of the UZ "Foundry-mechanical plant" is the overhaul of freight cars, the construction of new wagons, the manufacture of parts and spare parts for rolling stock and the upper structure of the track:
2. New freight covered wagons - covered, designed for the transport of goods
3. New freight gondola wagons - are designed for packaged piece cargo.
4. Platform-based re-equipment - a converted platform for a hopper - a mineral carrier or a hopper-cement truck, to a platform for large-tonnage containers.
5. Freight wagons: a hopper - a mineral carrier for the stateless transportation of bulk granular mineral fertilizers; gondola cars - for transportation of oversized cargo of a wide nomenclature; wagon - cement carrier - for carriage in bulk with cement; cement tanker - for cement transportation, trolleys for transportation of bulky and loose loads, covered wagons with repair of cracks of pivot and intermediate beams, platforms equipped with bunkers for the transport of bitumen.
6. Spare parts of the upper structure of the track - bolts mortise, terminal and punched, flat square and spherical washers, nuts M-22 - are designed for the construction of new and repair of existing railway tracks.
7. Spare parts for rolling stock – braking, carriage and locomotive shoe, high and low pressure pistons, lashing lid, friction rail, air tank, discharge hatch, inspection cover, tee fitting, supertor bar, side frame, grate, traction clamp, stop rear, frontal stop, front plate, automatic coupler body, centering beam, carriage wagon case, tip and triangle tab, shroud support door for covered wagons, wedge clamp wedge, terminal and mortgage bolts and etc. A total of about 112 items of spare parts are intended for the repair of the rolling stock of freight and passenger wagons.
8. Casting of iron, steel and non-ferrous metals.  

Types of products 

                                                             Carriage engineering
         № Designation State Standard          No: Drawing                                Note
1        Indoor all-metal car with widened doorways with a body volume of 158   model 11-9923 Ts 05949217-039:2017 К158.  
2          Gondola cars universal with unloading hatches body volume 92 model 12-9922 Ts05949217-038:2017 PВ92.00.00.000  
3          Manufacturing of hoppers for cement transportation model 19-9596 Ts 05949217-021:2016 9596.00.00.000  
4          Manufacturing of hopper wagons model 19-9600      
                                       Maintenance of freight wagons  and complete spare parts
1          +16year maintenance of covered wagons      
2          +5 year maintenance of covered wagons      
3          Overhaul of covered wagon      
4          Depot repair covered wagon      
5          Overhaul of gondola wagon + 5 years      
6          Overhaul of gondola wagon      
7          Depot repair of  gondola wagon      
8          Overhaul of other wagons + 5 years      
9          Overhaul of other wagons      
10      Depot repair of  other wagons      
11      Overhaul of platforms +16 years      
12      Overhaul of platforms +5 years      
13      Depot repair of platforms      
14      Forming of wheelsets:      
15      With new disks, with new bearing box and with new bearing      
16      With new disks without bearing box      
17      With new disks, with new bearings and new clamping covers      
18      With new disks, used bearings, and with new clamping covers      
19      Repair of wheelsets without replacement components      
                                                               Moulded components
1                      Supertor bar State Standard  32400-2013 9597.10.001  
2          Side frame State Standard  32400-2013 9597.20.001  
3          Carriage wagon case Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ-0808  
4          Clamping lid Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ-0885  
5          Traction yoke State Standard  22703-2012 ВЗ-0828  
6          Frontal stop State Standard  22703-2012 ВЗ-0816  
7          Rear stop State Standard  22703-2012 ВЗ-0817  
8          Frontal stop plate   ВЗ-0879  
9          Support 1L Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ-0883  
10      Braking wagon shoe Ts05949217-037:2017 З - 1321  
11      Braking locomotive shoe State Standard  30249-97 ВЗ - 0833.00  
12      Frictional wedge TSh 32.14.011:2012 01.00.000  
13      Overhaul of Wagon’s Tail   41090 ТВСРЗ
14      Thrust shoe   8739.01  
15      Plank which supports  frictional device   ВЗ-0880  
16      Lock upper frontal door Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ - 0876  
17      Braking irrotational shoe State Standard  3269-78 9597.41.006  
18      String piece of machine  Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ – 0882.00.00  
19      Bracket of catch gear    ВЗ-0803  
20      Dead point  holder of upright lever Ts05949217-018:2014 9597.10.002  
21      Spacer of triangle Ts05949217-018:2014 9597.41.201  
22      Lock sector of  unloading machine Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ – 0881.00.00  
23      Bracket of disengaging drive State Standard  22703-2012 ВЗ - 0803  
24      Central bar State Standard  22703-2012 ВЗ - 1066  
25      Nozzle of  right triangle  Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ - 0809  
26      Nozzle of  left triangle  Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ - 0805  
27      Lifter of locking bar State Standard  22703-2012 ВЗ-1041  
28      Bracket of signal lantern   5.07.0060  
29      Triangle bookmark Ts05949217-018:2014 ВЗ - 0807  
30      Clamping КС-039-68 type ЗХ   З-1855.00.00  
31      Wedge-like clamp  035   З-1772 20  
32      Hook bolt КС-013-68   З-1910. 00. 00   
33      Single saddle  009 under pin   З-1772 10  
34      Block f240   No.З-1771  
35      Block f300   No.З-1770  
36      Block f280   No.З-1997.10.00.02  
37      Block f370   No.З-1997.10.00.01  
                                                      Other components
1          Road key   З-1612.02  
2          Iron bar   TMP-00.00.07  
3          Palmate iron bar   TMP-00.00.11  
4          Clip hammer   З-2562  
5          Sledgehammer  - 5 kg   ВЗ-0129.00.000  
6          Key "Pandrol"   З-1698.00.00.00  
7          Stone hammer   ТНП 00.00.02  
8          Terminal bolt State Standard 16016-79 ВЗ - 0109  
9          Insert bolt State Standard 16017-79 З - 0158  
10      Screw М 22 State Standard 16018-79 З - 1579  
11      Flat washer    СВП - 001  
12      corner dead-end poles 110 and 150 kV   U110-4Н; П220-2ПД;  220-2;У110-ЗН; П110-ЗН; УС35-3пт;  УС110-2; УС110-3 ; П110-4Н; П110-6Н and others. Project of power gird North-western department
Working drawings to unified steel normal supports BL35, 110 and 158 кV
13      Formwork on girder B-26m   З-2279  
14      Underground pedestrian crosswalk No.1   46/782 KJU  
15      Pipe ф1420 L=3920 mm   З - 2758  
16      Framework of metallic support   73/3-80   КМ   АСО - 3  “Construction of pedestal statue to First President of Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov in front of building Scientific-educational memorial complex  of Islam Karimov” 
17      Load-lifting device СЦ-40 (spreader)   З-1685.00.00  
18      Load-lifting device СЦ1-20 -30 (spreader)   АРН ООО «ARHONT»
19      Coated decking   with width 1000 mm from sheet, with thickness   0.47 mm; 0.5 mm      
20      Bottom ф3200х22-800 State Standard 6533-78 З-1981    
21      Bottom ф2000х14 State Standard 6533-78 З-1565   
22      Bottom ф2200х14-550 State Standard 6533-78 З-1378  
23      Roller. Casting weight 770 kg.    №14099  
24      Gear wheel. Casting weight 560 kg.   №13565  
25      Girder series 1,466-3С ("Kislovodsk" design)    З - 1801  
26      Slide valve repair DU-1200
27      Forming of wheelset     РУ1Ш-957Г without axle-box knot Ts05949217-038:2017 9597.31.000  
28      Biaxial trolley for freight wagons models 18-9597 type 2 Ts05949217-025:2015 9597.00.000-0
29      Depot, capital repair extension of service time of freight wagons      
30      Tangential, movable supporting part Т2Н-ЛС   No.3.501.1-129.05  
31      Tangential, movable supporting part Т2П-ЛС   No.3.501.1-129.06  
32      Fan-shaped, movable supporting part   No.3.501.1-129.05  
33      Fan-shaped, movable supporting part   No.3.501.1-129.06  
34      compensator with bearing - 3-30  (partially material of client)   З - 1997  
35      Compensation of contact line З-40 З-1788 00 00   З - 1788  
36      Two-pronged lantern pole   З-2741  
37      Four-pronged lantern pole   З-2742  
38      Searchlight mast   З - 2763  
39      Clamp for lamp        З-2622.00  



Полученные сертификаты

 All-metal covered wagon with widened door aperture model 11-9923
Universal gondola wagon with unloading hatches model 12-    9922
 Hopper wagon for shipping cement model 19-9596
Biaxial trolley for freight wagons model 18-9597 type 2
Trolley side frame of freight wagons drawing 9597.20.001
Girder of freight wagon drawing 9597.10.001
Traction clamp of automatic coupling engineering documentation ВЗ-0828
Wheelset РУ1Ш-957

Management of UZ "Foundry-Mechanical Plant" 


     Full name and job position


    Reception days:


Kadirov Sharafiddin Takhirovich 
 Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

Phone:(+99871) 295-21-94 

02:00 PM - 04:00 PM


Makhmudov Otabek Gulomovich 
 Chief engineer 

Phone:(+99871) 295-03-59 



Khakimov Bekmurot Bakhtiyorovich 
Deputy manager of manufacturing                                     

Phone:(+99871) 295-03-59 



Babakhanov Kakhramon Mirzakulovich 
Deputy manager of economy and finance

Phone:(+99871) 295-05-70 



Mukhammadsoliyev Akromjon Mukhammadsoliyevich
 Deputy manager of foundry engineering       

Phone: (+99871) 295-21-94 




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