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Call center of railway station 1005

20:47:47 (GMT +5), saturday, 8 august 2020

The production of special wagons with a turnstile has been launched

As it is known, the UE “Trust “Ko’prikqurilish” under the JSC “O'zbekiston temir yo’llari” conducts large-scale works on the construction of bridges, overpasses, as well as the reconstruction of existing ones, not only in our capital, but throughout the country.

The production site of the Trust produces reinforced concrete beams and supports that meet international standards. In order to ensure timely delivery of construction materials to the destination, specialists of JSC "Tashkent mechanical plant" on the basis of the cargo platform developed a special device – a wagon with a turnstile, to support and secure large components used in the construction of bridges and overpasses. This design is installed on two platforms with a length of 26 meters and is convenient for loading and unloading of cargos. Today to order up the UE “Trust “Ko’prikqurilish” made 11 units of the product.      

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