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Helpline (+998 71) 237-99-98

Call center of railway station 1005

00:57:12 (GMT +5), tuesday, 22 september 2020

During the implementation of the project “Electrification of Railway line Pap-Andijan-Namangan”

         During the implementation of the project “Electrification of Railway line Pap-Andijan-Namangan”, financed by the IFI of ADB, JSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”, a report on the resettlement plan was carried out with the participation of the consultants from ADB and PIU-ET of JSC “Uzbekiston Temir Yullari”, based on the Laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and ADB's environmental and resettlement policy.

Group for the implementation of electrification projects and the renewal of the locomotive fleet


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