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03:27:58 (GMT +5), saturday, 26 May 2018

The results are summed up, plans are outlined

       The exit seminar of the Presidium of the National Advice of trade union of railwaymen and transport builders of Uzbekistan has taken place. On it the results of activity of the last 2016 have been considered and plans for prospect are planned, discussed the priorities facing the union, which are aimed at further development and support of the social sphere.

         The event was opened by an introductory speech of the chairman of the National Advice of trade union of railwaymen and transport builders Uzbekistan Toirhon Nurillaev. Speaking about the work done in 2016, he noted that in the apparatus of the trade union branch of the National Advice, as well as in all its subordinate organizations, based on their priority directions all-around work has been carried out. In particular, the protection of the interests of employees of the railway industry, solving a number of social issues, the organization of a decent holiday and labor safety, rehabilitation of railway workers and their families, the provision of professional legal assistance, employment maintenance.

        At the meeting it was said that certain work in the framework of the "Year of a healthy mother and a healthy baby" has been done. Low-income families, the families of survivors were supported in the acquisition of textbooks and other necessary benefits, covered their expenses for visits to sports clubs, financial support to young mothers with children 2 to 3 years, carrying out activities on the organization of not more than 35 hour working week for women with young children – for all this according to the program has been allocated 443 million 353 thousand soums.
       In addition, according to the implementation of activities under the name of "Everyone is surrounded by care», 206 lonely elderly were made healthy in sanatoria for pensioners and the disabled.
      At the same time, 310 railway workers-builders who were taking part in past year in grandiose building and creative works of railway sphere, have been awarded and encouraged by memorable gifts for a total sum in 71 million soums.

        Last year at the enterprises and the branch organizations 1059 new workplaces have been created , employment to our unemployed citizens was provided To one of such examples can serve opened in Baysun area of Surhondarya region, at balneal center "Omonhona", the enterprises for pouring of improving mineral water.
          At the event objectives and goals for the future development were identified.

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