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Another gift to the people: on the railway section "Karshi-Tashguzar-Dehkanabad" completed the electrification of 90 km of steel pipeline

        Undoubtedly, the rapid development of information and communication technologies in the 21st century makes its own demands and in the services sector, including in the case of passenger and cargo transportation. It should be noted that in the years of independence in Uzbekistan in the framework of development and improvement of transport infrastructure extensive work on the expansion of the rail network and its electrification has been carried out. That electrification of railroads made it possible to organize the movement of trains on electric traction, freight and passenger trains. Until today, totally 1700 kilometers of railway of our country have been electrified, of which 500 km were put into operation only in 2016.

      In accordance with the implementation of the Resolution of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the acceleration of infrastructure development, transport and communications construction in 2011-2015" from December, 21st, 2010 the electrification of the railway section Marakand-Karshi has been carried out and as we know, in the summer of 2015 it has been put in operation that has allowed to open a route of a high-speed train «Afrosiyob» in a direction "Tashkent-Samarkand-Karshi".
        Currently work on the electrification of the Karshi-Termez section is continuing at full speed. Electro installation works on a site in 325 km are conducted stage by stage. Works on a site "Karshi-Dehkanabad" started in September 2016 and on New Year's Eve at the railway station "Dehkanabad" there has taken place a solemn event dedicated to the completion of electrical work from Karshi to Dehkanabad, it is 90 km. 

        As noted at the event, large-scale works carried out to repair and electrification of railways, serve not only to the development of the regions, but also to all the socio-economic sphere of the country. Electrification of the railway section Karshi - Termez will replace diesel locomotives to modern electric locomotives, more than a third to reduce transport costs for passengers and cargo, to significantly increase the speed and increase the capacity of the railway. It is also important that the use of locomotives on electricity instead of "smoking" locomotives will contribute to improving the environmental situation in the region.

         Karshi -Termez Railway Electrification Project is being implemented on the basis of the Resolution of the First President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, involving the loan funds of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). Total amount of the Project is 388.2 million US Dollars. Loan agreement between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and JICA was signed in December 2012. This project is also logical continuation of theTashguzar-Kumkurgan New Railway Line Construction Project, in the framework of which using the loan funds of Japan, five steel railway bridges were constructed in the mountainous area applying unique Japanese technologies.


    During the event, as it was pointed out that the main components used in railway electrification, mastered within the localization program and manufactured by domestic enterprises, which is a significant currency savings. For example, by the unitary enterprise «Power mounting train №1» of JSC "Uzbekistan Railways" there were built 2000 reinforced concrete poles, 1800 consoles and other constructers, established 224 kilometers of catenary. The advanced technics has been involved in work.
      At the meeting railway specialists also noted that, according to the project, work on the electrification of the railway section "Karshi - Termez" will be fully completed in 2017.

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