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Ferghana Valley electric trains: MOVEMENT DETAILS

       As you know, on the initiative of the Head of our state Shavkat Mirziyoyev, on August 8 of this year on the route Kokand-Margilan-Andijan and in the opposite direction the traffic of electric trains is established. Currently, they, according to the established schedule of train traffic, at one end of the route, run once a day. In particular, the train leaving at 06:22 from Kokand to Andijan arrives at 09:12. The rolling stock leaves from Andijan at 16:45 and arrives in Kokand at 19:30.

     On the route line, the train stops on average for 2 minutes at the stations Kakir, Furkat, Altyaryk, Margilan, Kuva and Asaka. The total amount of time on the way, from the beginning of the route to the final stop, is 3 hours and 10 minutes.

        The train consists of 7 wagons and it can carry 330 passengers only for one run. The cars are equipped with air conditioning. For each car in the established order there are fixed conductors, ready to provide passengers with a decent level of service.
      It should be noted that, in October of this year, it is planned to increase the number of trains in this direction to two times a day.

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