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Health issues in priority

     On September 28-29 of this year in the Belarusian Gomel took place the 37th meeting of the Commission for Cooperation of Railway Administrations of the Commonwealth member states in the field of health. Heads of railway health organizations, representatives of railway administrations of Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan took part in it.


        In the agenda there were actual health problems in the industry, the causes and factors that had the greatest impact on the level of the incidence of railway workers, as well as the effectiveness of preventive measures and ways to reduce occupational risks were analyzed.
      During the meeting, special attention was paid to psycho-physiological security of the railways of the CIS countries. In this vein, an important attention was also paid to the psychophysiological system of professional selection of personnel and to the support of professional activities in general.
        - There are a lot of specific manufacturing hazards in railway transport. However, the most significant of all factors affecting the health of employees is the psychogenic factor and the presence of this particular issue on the agenda of the current meeting, it should be noted, is very relevant, - says the participant of the event, the head of the Medical Service of JSC “O’zbekistan temir yo’llari” Tashpulat Matibayev. - In this regard, an important role is played by periodic medical examination of workers of locomotive crews - machinists and their assistants. In the system of the Medical Service in 2016, only 421,932 pre-races and 338,687 post-trip medical examinations were conducted. According to their results, 226 members of the locomotive crew were not allowed on the flight. In particular, among them, due to the increase in blood pressure, 105 people, alcohol use 6 and lack of rest 12, and other reasons.
      Our experience shows that the activities are necessary. They helped to reduce the number of emergencies caused by the human factor. In unforeseen situations, for example, failure of technical means, the practical skills of a machinist, developed as a result of psychophysiological support, help to prevent loss of life and loss of material values.

        Undoubtedly, in the age of the rapid development of the modern world, the saturation of the information space, the rapidly changing circumstances and situations of a different plan, surrounded by people, the machinist in particular, it is important to determine his emotional background. This aspect is paid special attention to by the Medical Service. For these purposes, psychologists compile a psychological portrait of each driver, they conduct observations by a certain technique, organize conversations, which necessarily check for interference and stress resistance. Because, even well-developed attention and good thinking cannot be realized because of the impact of a stressful factor.
      Another important topic was discussed on the agenda of the 37th meeting of the Commission for Cooperation between the Railway Administrations of the Commonwealth Member States in the field of healthcare; this is rendering first aid to passengers on route.
      "Undoubtedly, this issue is also important on the railway," explains Tashpulat Matibayev, the head of the Medical Service of JSC “O’zbekistan temir yo’llari”. - Today, in each country there is a certain regulatory framework in this direction and the moment of its improvement, refinement, addition is regularly dictated by time itself. In this regard, our meetings and dialogues can be called very productive. To date, the volume of first aid to passengers provides for the restoration and maintenance of vital body functions, stopping bleeding, anti-shock measures, creating conditions for the transportability of the victim, preventing possible complications of injuries and poisoning.
      By the way, we add that emergency medical assistance on the railway network of JSC “O’zbekistan temir yo’llari” is carried out by linear medical emergency brigades, emergency medical teams of territorial medical and preventive institutions.

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