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The Karshi-Termez railway is electrified

On January 9 this year, the opening ceremony of the electrified railway section of Karshi – Termez was held. This project was implemented in accordance with the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. PP-1712 of February 21, 2012.

It should be noted that the electrification of the railway section of Karshi-Termez makes it possible to replace diesel locomotives with modern electric locomotives, which will reduce transportation costs for passenger and freight traffic by more than a third, will significantly increase the speed of travel and increase the capacity of the railway. It is also important that the use of locomotives on electric traction instead of "smoking" locomotives, contributes to improving the environmental situation in the region.

The length of the electrified Karshi-Termez railway line is 325 km. The total cost of the project is 327.6 million US dollars. Within the framework of the project, 6 traction substations were constructed, namely - Tashguzar, Dehkanabad, Akravat, Boysun, Kumkurgan and crossing No. 165. Traction substations were built in difficult climatic conditions. To supply voltage to them, equipment and materials were supplied with further construction of external power supply facilities. In addition, this section is equipped with a modern alarm and communication system. The locomotive depot of Termez was reconstructed, in which imported modern equipment was installed.

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