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Helpline (+998 71) 237-99-98

Call center of railway station 1005

11:02:25 (GMT +5), wednesday, 25 november 2020


  • Analysis of the results of the consideration received written and oral appeals of physical and legal bodies by trust phone of corporation "O’zbekiston temir yo’llari" in IV quarter 2018

    Table №3

    The questions specified in appeals Written appeals Oral appeals
    Total taken
    under control
    Including Reception
    of the responsible
     of head
    Total taken
    under control
    taken arrangements Explained Denied Being
    taken arrangements   Explained   Denied Being considered
    1 Problems of tickets and servicing of passengers on platform     4 4          
    2 Servicing of passengers on cars and a dining-car                            
    3 About forming of directions of trains                            
    4 Questions about service containers                            
    5 About the behavior of some managers                                            
    6 About employment and transfer to another job                            
    7 Dismissal from work and restoration for work                                   
    8 About the work the Higher Education Universities                            
    9 Questions of a monthly salary and pension                
    10 About encouragements                               
    11 Improving living conditions                            
    12 repair of housing                  
    13 Therapeutic issues                            
    14 Suggestions and thanks                 

    15 On various questions   3            3                           
      Total        7      7                  

  • Comparative analysis of the results of the consideration received written and oral applications of physical and legal bodies by trust phone of corporation "O’zbekiston temir yo’llari" in III quarter 2018
                                                                                                                                                                       Table №7
    Regions total oral appeals Including including 2018
    physical bodies legal bodies taken under control numerous appeals infringement of the
     consideration period
    2017y 2018y 2017y 2018y 2017y 2018y physical legal physical legal physical legal
    1 The Republic of Karakalpakstan    1 1 1   
    2 Andizhan                                   

    3 Bukhara                         1        1 1          
    4 Djizak                        
    5 Kashkadarya                                  1 1 1          
    6 Navoi         1      1 1      
    7 Namangan                            
    8 Samarkand     1    

    9 Surkhandarya  
    10 Sirdarya                                                            
    11 Tashkent region                                      
    12 Kokand, Fergana                  
    13 Khorezm                                 2     2 2      
    14 Tashkent                                          5      5 5      
    15 Other Republics                       

    12 12
  • What penalties exist for return of the unused train ticket?

    If before departure of the train remains not less than days, the passenger can return the ticket of distant/near following. Thus the penalty for return of the ticket is raised: 1000 bags for the local directions, 25500 for routes of distant following (25000 bags — commission collecting, 500 bags — a penalty for return operation).

    If to an opravleniye of the train remains less than days, at return cash collecting, the reserved seat sum is lost, and also the penalty for return operation is raised.

    After departure of the train, the ticket can be returned to cash desk within an hour. Thus 25% of a total cost of the ticket keep, later the ticket isn't subject to delivery or return.